Can a Dog Protect Your Home?

Dogs may be man’s best friend; but not all dogs can defend your home when it matters most. Many people will get a big, scary dog as a home defense mechanism as well as a companion. The idea behind it is pretty simple; you get a friend, and burglars get barked at and flee. But does a dog really help defend your home from unwanted visitors?
A dog may bark at just about everything on the street, from the mailman to the neighbors. If you hear a neighbor’s dog barking, you probably will think it’s more annoying than serious. Moreso, a dog can’t notify authorities. A dog can’t call 911 or get help in an emergency.
Most dogs don’t know to attack. Dogs may instinctively be able to fight or defend themselves; but without proper training, a domesticated dog will probably either bark or play with an intruder. You can always get your dog trained to attack, of course. But unless it is a big dog like a Pitbull or a German Shepherd, attack training might not be enough. A fighting Shih-Tzu isn’t a big threat to burglars.
What if your dog isn’t home during a break-in? Trips to the vet, staying with a relative while you are on vacation, or even their daily walk can be a prime opportunity for a break-in. Many burglars will cast out a home and find the best time to strike undetected. On average, a burglary will last 10 minutes or less. Fido’s walk to use the bathroom may be all a robber needs to swipe your valuables; especially if you don’t lock the door on your way out.
When burglars case out a home, they may take further measures to stop a dog from attacking. A simple piece of meat can keep a dog occupied while your house is being robbed. Some burglars may even drug the meat and put the dog to sleep or make it sick. Even further, dogs, especially strong ones that can fight, are sometimes taken along with the valuables.
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