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Welcome to Video Surveillance Corporation

We are a full service, licensed and insured security contractor, serving New York City and the surrounding areas. Family owned and operated since 1978, Video Surveillance Corporation has remained at the forefront of technology, ensuring that the homes and businesses under our watch receive the level of protection they expect.

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We Install And Service:

  • alarm and intrusion systems
  • access control
  • intercoms
  • remote mobile monitoring from your smartphone


  • home automation systems
  • high definition and Internet Protocol (IP) network video camera systems
  • security related technologies for both residential & business clients alike


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Need Help With Your Security System?

If you need information on how to operate your alarm system, check out our customer service page. You can learn how to arm and disarm your system.

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Don’t Put Yourself At Risk

About every 15 seconds, a burglary occurs in the US. Each year, losses from burglaries total billions of dollars in cash, electronics, weapons, clothing, jewelry, office supplies, home goods, and more. A home break-in might generally cost you an average of $2,000 in stolen goods, not to mention other loses due to willful destruction and vandalism.

According to a study by the University of North Carolina, a vast majority of burglars will first determine if a house has a security system. Many convicted burglars have stated that they purposely avoided homes with security systems. They just select a home without any security, the ones where the homeowners think that a burglary will never happen to them.

Don’t become a statistic, call Video Surveillance Corp. today for a free alarm and video survey.