This year this holiday season will have more online shopping than any before. Postal companies and services are sending thousands of packages out per day this month. Packages sitting on the porch can be easy targets for a passerby to steal, especially when there are so many during this time of year. Help protect your family’s gifts from theft this year, with these helpful tips.

  1. Ask for package signature when available. While this requires someone to be home, it stops the mailman from leaving the box out in the open. This is very important for more expensive gifts.
  2. The US Postal Service and many companies, such as UPS or Fed-Ex, provide email and online alerts for packages. If this is an option, it is suggested to take it. Not only does it show you every step of the delivery process, but these systems tell you when your box arrives at your home.
  3. If you are going on vacation, or simply want to keep those boxes safe (and out of the prying eyes of the kids), You can have your mail services be put on hold. Your mail will stay at the postal service for up to 30 days, but remember to pick it up.
  4. Outdoor security cameras help keep your home, and your mail, more secure throughout the year. Security cameras can help deter criminals and protect your family.

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