Enhanced technologies from Video Surveillance Corporation can greatly improve the safety, security and even productivity of your business.  Let’s face it, you’re in business to make money and support your family. Anything that detracts from that goal is not helping you meet that goal. Shoplifters, lazy or dishonest employees, inventory shrinkage, accidents, lawsuits and other events, all drain your resources to reduce your bottom line.

With the help of our IP based high definition video systems, we provide you with on-site viewing and recording of all daily activity taking place within your business.  While your away, you still have 24 hour access to view your company from the convenience of any computer or your smart phone.

When we combine video and alarm technologies, you step up to a higher level of security with a feature known as video verification. For verification, both an alarm and video signal are simultaneously transmitted to the central station monitoring company upon alarm activation. The central station operator processes the alarm signal and views the accompanying video information to determine if the alarm condition is real, or false. Once the condition has been verified, it is classified as a “burglary in progress” and reported to the police. Verified alarms are given a much higher priority by police and has greatly improved police response time and their apprehension rate.  After all, the less time the bad guys spend on your premises, the less time there is to steal your property, or destroy your computers, data, inventory and infrastructure.

Consider the benefits of a versatile security system from Video Surveillance Corporation, or consider upgrading an existing system with the our latest technology. It’s cheaper then making an insurance claim and may even qualify you for a reduction in your company insurance premium. Contact us, or call us at (718) 258-1310 today for a free on-site survey and estimate.