Many burglaries can be prevented with simple strategies. Here are some general security tips to help deter burglars from attempting to enter your home:

-Keep all windows and doors locked. Unlocked windows and doors are easy entry points for burglars. This includes keeping your garage door closed.

-Install a secondary lock on doors that lead outside. Also, installing locks that can only be operated from the inside is an extra measure of security.

-Doors with glass panels are an area of vulnerability. A burglar can easily break the glass next to the window and unlock the door. To avoid this, consider installing double cylinder locks; these locks need to be unlocked with keys from both sides.

-Install peepholes or cameras at the front door so that you are able to see who is approaching your home.

-Replace light bulbs quickly, especially motion lights. Good lighting is an important part of home security and is a simple strategy that will keep your home safer.

-Keep shrubs and trees trimmed. If they’re overgrown, they make an easy hiding places for someone trying to enter your home. Also, if they are near any doors or windows they can block your view of the outside, leaving you unaware if anyone is outside your home.

-Consider installing a security system. Video Surveillance Corp. can install state of the art alarm and video systems tailored for your lifestyle. Choose from our wide variety of services that best fit your needs. Call Video Surveillance Corp. today for a free on-site survey and estimate. 718.258.1310