1bigstock-Travel-Tips-words-on-a-red-sug-69421060When going away on vacation, peace of mind is paramount if you want to enjoy your time away.  It’s  crucial to  have things in order back at home while you and your family are on vacation. Video Surveillance Corporation is here to remind you of a few tips you should keep in mind as you travel.

Rest easy while on vacation knowing that your home is safe and looked after. Some of the tips we offer for travelers:

  • Have a close friend or relative look after your home while you and the family are on vacation. Have them pick up your mail, water your plants, etc., to make your house look active.
  • Put your lights on a remote timer so that they turn on and off at different times, to show activity while you are away.
  • Save your social media updates online photos until after you return from your trip. Posting your vacation online alerts thieves that you are an easy target.
  • Make sure your video surveillance is linked to your  smart phone. This is a great way to know that everything is OK at home.
  • Before you leave, store all of your valuables at home in safe and secure places that only you are aware of. This ensures that all of your prized possessions are safe while you are away.
  • An in-home security and surveillance system gives you peace of mind while you travel and helps to prevent break-ins.

These are just a few of many safety travel tips, and for more information on travel tips, feel free to call Video Surveillance Corporation at (718) 258-1310.