Warehouses are meant to store large quantities of stock and equipment for a company. Some business owners may think that sturdy doors and thick concrete walls are all they need to protect their goods, or that they will never suffer a loss or have to go through the hassle of filing an insurance claim.  Like everything else in life, anything that has something of value in it is vulnerable to theft, even from the inside. Warehouse security is vitally important to protect goods, protect assets from loss and provide employee safety. Intruders, employee theft, on-the-job injuries and false insurance claims are all potential threats to a business owner that can affect the bottom line. For industrial companies alone, employee-related theft accounts for over $15 billion in losses every year.

Since no business owner can possibly be everywhere at the same time, it’s important to utilize the latest technology in order to have a good comprehensive security plan to protect a business. Mega-pixel video surveillance cameras provide a complete all around view of a facility, both inside and out.  With extremely high resolution video images, long term recording capabilities, picture enhancement features, remote viewing and a variety of competitive purchasing options, a video surveillance system is invaluable as a cost effective tool for safety and productivity.

Installing an access control system in a building adds another level of security.  An access system controls who has access to any part of a building, what time they have access to it and what day. All exterior doors should have secure locks in good working order and should have access control.  Interior areas in the warehouse that store the most valuable equipment or merchandise should also be alarmed and have access control.  Anything beyond those parameters, creates an alarm condition. Since each employee has their own access code or pin number, it’s an easy matter to identify employees attempting to enter any area. When coupled with a video surveillance system, documentation is made of all entry and exit activity.

A properly operating alarm system is vital for summoning the authorities whenever it detects an intrusion, fire or environmental condition.  When coupled with pictures from a video surveillance system,  Video Verification of an alarm condition is created.  This means that a monitoring station operator sees a picture of what caused the alarm signal and can react faster to it. This procedure reduces the number of false alarms reported to the police and also ensures that the police mobilize more quickly in the event of a real emergency and they can apprehend the intruders faster.

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