Having a monitored alarm system is always a good form of self protection, but many people don’t really pay too much attention to the other facets of a good security plan. The locks on your doors are extremely important for your family’s protection. Your doors are an essential part of your home security, knowing when to change locks is vital.

Most burglaries are the result of forcible entry. Experienced burglars know that the garage door is usually the weakest point of entry followed by the back door. Here are a few instances where changing your lock is important.

When moving into a new home or apartment, change the locks immediately. You don’t know how many people have a key for that lock. If you must give out keys, limit them to a trusted friend and your landlord. Keep spares to a minimum and keep track of them.

A relationship change can be a good reason to update your locks. Whether it’s a roommate, significant other, cleaning service,  or friend – changing the locks can help you protect you and your home. It may sound cold-hearted, but it can be vital.

Also consider installing dead bolt locks to add another layer of security, or consider upgrading to high security locks.

If your keys are lost or stolen, you should change locks immediately. Don’t wait for someone to find and use them.

Don’t label your keys and don’t hide a spare key outside your home.  A good burglar will know exactly where to look.

It is a great idea to get your locks changed in every few years, even if you have not faced any of the situations mentioned here. Locks can become worn and outdated and security technologies keep changing. Keep your home and family safe, and prepared for emergencies. Call us today at (718) 258-1310. When you think of security, think of Video Surveillance Corp. It’s security you can see!