Most fire deaths occur in the middle of the night. Whether professionally installed and monitored like the smoke detectors we offer, or the battery operated type that you install yourself, a smoke alarm is the single most valuable lifesaving device you can have in your home.  A working smoke alarm will reduce your chances of dying in a fire, nearly in half.

Smoke alarms are designed to detect and warn that silent, but deadly smoke is in the air. An early warning will wake you and your family, allowing you time to implement your fire escape plan.  While 97 out of 100 homes have a smoke alarm, more than 33 percent of these homes are unprotected because the smoke alarms don’t work.  When a smoke alarm fails to work, it is frequently because the batteries are missing. People often remove or disconnect batteries to prevent nuisance activation caused by bathroom steam or cooking vapors.  Disabled smoke alarms endanger your family, as well as your neighbors.

Install smoke alarms that have the Underwriters Laboratories mark. The (UL) mark tells you that the alarm has been evaluated according to nationally recognized safety requirements.  There are two kinds of smoke alarms, photoelectric and ionization. Both are suitable for use in your home. Photoelectric alarms are the most reliable for smoldering fires, which may occur in bedrooms or sitting rooms. The ionization alarms are the most reliable for detecting flaming fires, which may occur in the kitchen or garage. Combination smoke alarms featuring photoelectric and ionization technology are also available.

 One smoke alarm in the home is not enough.

Install a smoke alarm on every level, including the basement. Place a smoke alarm within 15 feet of all sleeping areas. For added safety, install a smoke alarm in every room where people sleep. Smoke alarms should be installed on the ceiling, preferably in the center of the room, but not less than 4 inches from a wall. If the smoke alarm is installed on a wall, it must be placed between 4 and 12 inches from the ceiling.

Make sure everyone in your home can be awakened by the sound of a smoke alarm.

Our professionally installed smoke alarms utilize a powerful siren, or a series of sounders to alert you of danger.  However, with self-installed battery operated alarms, children and the elderly may not readily awake to the sound of only one alarm. Consider installing interconnected smoke alarms so that when one alarm senses smoke and sounds, they are all triggered throughout your home. Installing an alarm in each bedroom increases each person’s proximity to a sounding device. If someone in your home is hearing-impaired, consider smoke alarms that use visual notifications, such as strobe lights.

KEEP YOUR SMOKE ALARM WORKING!  If you don’t already have one of our professionally installed and monitored alarm systems, it is up to YOU to make sure your battery operated smoke alarms will provide lifesaving early warning in the event of fire.