high tech security for your home Modern home security technology is always advancing, and so are the tactics of modern home burglars. Old school methods of keeping your home safe, like outdated security systems, are child’s play to some of today’s criminals. Upgrading to high-tech protection methods not only helps keep your family safer, but these newer systems offer features not previously available.

  • Some modern systems offer home automation and energy management features that can remotely control door locks, thermostats, lights, wall outlets and more, from almost anywhere, using your computer or cell phone. Not only are these features convenient, but they can save you money and enhance your security.
  • Surveillance Cameras – The introduction of High Definition video cameras for use inside and outside the home are producing the highest resolution images ever seen.  In addition, storage devices are now capable of holding months of recorded information that can be viewed onsite, as well as remotely.  They also have the ability to manipulate the recorded images in order to obtain greater detail and definition.  HD equipment is not compatible with old analog camera technology and therefore cannot be combined within the same system.  However, anyone wishing to upgrade an older analog system to the newer technology will be glad to know that they can probably use their existing cable infrastructure and greatly reduce their upgrade costs.
  • Alarm Backup Radio – Traditionally, alarm and intrusion systems relied on analog telephone lines to communicate with a monitoring company.  With the transition over to digital telephone and other services delivered by fiber optic and cable providers, the use of analog telephone service is all but dead. Intrusion systems are basically analog devices and their ability to communicate alarm signals over digital service is poor, at best.  The introduction of the backup radio has been one solution offered.  These devices communicate wirelessly with the central station and are not affected by downed or broken cable connections, lost Internet service, or even minor power outages.
  • Live Video Verification – Intrusion detection, combined with high definition video, is being used to notify the police that a confirmed burglary or break-in is in progress. Verified alarms are receiving a higher priority by the police and it has improved response time, and their apprehension rate as well..
  • Front Door Cameras – See who is at the door before you open it. High resolution video intercoms not only provide high quality video images, but superior two-way audio communication from multiple locations within your home, to your front door. Advancements in wiring technology has reduced installation costs and offered features like pan & tilt cameras, IP networking and designer styling, to name a few.

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