Getting locked out of your house can be a real pain. Whether you left your keys inside, or maybe at work; you don’t want to be locked out of your home or office.  In this day and age, leaving a spare key under a doormat, is like inviting people to rob you blind. But what are the alternatives? Sure, you can leave a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor, but what if they aren’t home when you need it? Here are a couple of ways you can unlock your front door without needing a pocket full of keys.

Some homeowners are opting for door locks that include a keypad on them. Just punch in a secure PIN, and you are in. This is also great for use with sheds, garage doors, etc.  Some models are available with strong deadbolts for an added level of security.

While widely used in commercial applications, card access is a simple way to unlock one, or multiple doors. You can unlock a door by simply presenting a small card or other device to the lock.

A quality home security system with remote capability can be a great way to lock or unlock a door from almost anywhere. Using a computer or smartphone, you can let yourself or your kids into the house from anywhere. Not sure if you locked the front door on your way to work? Not a problem. Simply use your cellphone to check it and lock it.  When combined with a video surveillance system, you can even see who is at the door before you unlock it.

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