People who live in apartment buildings often think that they don’t need an alarm system to protect their family or valuables. The supposed safety of a lobby door, or even a doorman, might not be enough to prevent a burglary. In fact, an apartment is about 85% more likely to be burglarized than a private home, according to the National Crime Prevention Council.

Generally, an apartment dweller will own the same amount of valuables, in less square footage, than someone in a home. In fact, it’s usually quicker for a robber to go in and loot an apartment than a house. As with any dwelling, most burglars will attempt to break in during the day when an apartment is apt to be empty. If an apartment has close access to a fire escape, that will increase the risk of a burglary.

Many people believe that installing a security system requires running wires through walls or screwing equipment to doors and windows; which isn’t always allowed in apartment buildings. However, with current wireless technology, a security system can secure an apartment with virtually no damage to the property at all.

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