apartment buildingThe following article is a perfect example of how aggressive burglars have become. Its not just home owners who need to be protected from burglars, now apartment dwellers are being targeted en-mass. Reports of multiple apartment break-ins within the same property are increasing.

There are several reasons for this occurrence. Sometimes it comes down to simple factors such as a faulty or unlocked door or window. Other times it’s because fire escapes are often located on the backside of buildings and out of view. Burglars will simply break in to one apartment after another, using a common fire escape.

A burglary may occur due to no fault of the tenant. As a resident of an apartment complex, your personal security may depend on the actions of your neighbors. For example, another tenant may leave a window open or a maintenance person can leave an external door open while working.

These are potential entry points for criminals and become your problem when you return home from work and find that your possessions are missing. It’s not possible to insure that all your neighbors are as safety conscious as you. What you need to do is ask yourself if you are doing all you can to protect yourself?  Alarm systems are not just for homeowners, they can also accommodate an apartment lifestyle and offer the same protection, features and piece of mind for all users.  There is nothing like that sinking feeling you get when you get home and discover your apartment ransacked and your valuables gone!

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