The holiday season can be a stressful time of the year. Buying gifts, cold weather, kids out of school, decorating the house, in-laws… But what can make it all even worse? Burglary. Tis the season for thieves to strike again. The peak times for burglaries in America are the Summer months and December. What signs do burglars look for when staking out a house during the holidays?
In the days after Christmas, garbage bags line the streets as empty boxes are put to the curb. But these boxes tell criminals exactly what is in your home. A new TV, bike, game system; all prime targets for looting. Even the bags from jewelry stores can tell robbers what they might find. It is advised to cut up those boxes and bags, and throw them out in garbage bags that are not see-through.
If you plan on travelling for the holidays, ask a close friend or neighbor to shovel out the snow, and get your mail for you. If a burglar notices that your home hasn’t been shovelled, or the mail piling up; they might suspect that no one is home.
Never post on social media what your kids got for as gifts, or if you left for the holidays. Social media is a great way for robbers to see what they can steal, and when you aren’t home.
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