A dog may be man’s best friend; but do you really want to depend solely on your dog to defend your home when it matters most? Some people have  a big, scary dog as a home defense mechanism, as well as a companion. The idea behind it is pretty simple; you get the dog as a friend and hope burglars flee when the dog barks. Really?

When burglars case out a home, they may take measures to stop a dog from attacking. A simple piece of meat can keep a dog occupied while your house is being robbed. Some burglars may even drug the meat and put the dog to sleep or make it sick. Even further, dogs, especially strong ones that can fight, are sometimes taken along with the valuables.

Some dogs bark at just about everything, from the mailman to the neighbors. Constant barking quickly becomes an annoyance to your neighbors and usually gets ignored by everyone.  And lets face it, when no one is home to investigate the barking, no one is going to call 911 in the event of an emergency.  And worse yet, if the event is a fire, you also jeopardize the animal’s life!

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