commercialLet’s face it, if you own a business, its success means a great deal to both you and to those that depend on you.  Poor planning and preparation on your part could lead to a failed business.  Part of any business plan should be the safeguarding and well being of you employees, physical plant, inventory, records and documents, etc.

Doing nothing to protect the investment you’ve made in your business, might be short sighted.  In order for you to protect your business, it’s important to consider implementing some form of security.  A good security system can be made up of many integrated sub-systems, each providing an integral part of an overall security solution.

Alarm and intrusion systems help to secure your files, records, computers, inventory, employees, cash receipts, etc., both while you’re on the premises, and even after you close up for the day. Intrusion devices, smoke detection, panic and holdup buttons, water flow, water detection, carbon monoxide and environmental monitoring, are just a few of the many features available with an alarm system.  Central station monitoring via cell radio or internet, provides 24/7 monitoring of your company and will summon help when needed.

Access control systems do exactly that.  They give you the ability to control access to entrance doors and secured and restricted areas of your company. You determine who is allowed entry to certain areas at certain times, and who is restricted. You can set up variable schedules and routines, as well as, keep a complete log of each employee’s activity each time they use their access card. Systems range from inexpensive single door units, to multi door systems for industrial complexes.

Video surveillance cameras allow you to literally be in more than one place at the same time. High resolution video cameras can secure the perimeter of your building, observe your loading dock, check inventory in your warehouse and observe manufacturing and production areas.  A quality video system can help deter shoplifting, theft, fraudulent accident claims; document property damage, robberies, assaults, and many other crimes that may happen on your property.  Not only can it provide security for you and your employees, but it can pay handsome dividends as a productivity tool by highlighting inefficiencies in the day to day operation of your business.

Video Verification is a term used to describe a condition when an alarm signal is simultaneously transmitted with a video clip to a central station monitoring company.  If the monitoring operator visually verifies a burglary or hold up, they report a “burglary in progress” to the authorities.  This technology is finding favor with police departments across the country because it has drastically reduced the false alarm rate, and the costs associated with responding to them.  It has also improved police response time and increased their apprehension rate.

With an internet connection and a smartphone or other web enabled device, you’re never very far from your business.  Various software and services provide remote viewing and control of your video surveillance system, alarm, access control and building automation.  You could be across town, or across the country, and still have complete control your company, the same as if you were there

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