Even with the recent snow storms so late in the season, spring will eventually return. When it does, the weather warms up and so will the crime rate. Studies show that crime goes up throughout the warmer months and peaks in the summer. Here’s a quick reminder of a few things you should do to help you reduce your risk of burglary and property loss during the warmer months.

Landscaping around your home actually helps to deter criminals, if done regularly. A fresh cut lawn, trimmed trees and bushes often show that a household is active and being cared for. Shrubs near windows should be cut back and kept short so they don’t block your windows. This will keep a thief in plain sight if they try to pry open or climb in through your windows.

If you’re going out of town, remember to suspend mail or newspaper deliveries until you return, or have a trusted friend or family member collect them for you. You might also consider inviting a friend to “house sit” while you’re away. Always make your home look lived in, professional burglars don’t like confrontation.

At night, darkness is a burglars best ally if they decide that no one is home. Automate your indoor lighting to create the impression of an active household. A security system, with home automation capabilities, can create an almost limitless number of believable lighting patterns, as opposed to “same time on, same time off” plug in timers.  If you don’t already have them, invest in a few outdoor motion sensor controlled flood lights.  Thieves don’t want to be caught in bright lights and motion sensors put burglars on display for you and your neighbors to see. As a bonus, outdoor lighting will help you to navigate better when you’re outside during evening hours.

Remember to notify a trusted neighbor if you do plan to be away. Ask them to call the authorities if any moving vans or workmen suddenly show up and enter you home.  This scenario is not so far fetched as you may think, especially if you have a habit of broadcasting your upcoming travel plans on social media. Though this has been stated over and over, posting pictures of yourself on vacation, is like putting up a billboard telling everyone “I’m away, rob me blind!”

And then there are the common sense things to do. Double check that all windows and door locks are in good working order and lock properly. Make sure that all ladders and tools are properly stored and secured. Even if you’re home in the back yard, secure any doors and windows that can be used by someone to enter your home, sight unseen. When you go out, forget the hidden key routine, your neighborhood burglar already knows all the hiding places. And finally, the last thing you should do as you leave your home, is to arm your security system.

Remember, a professionally monitored security system is still the best way to notify the authorities of a fire, burglary or environmental emergency. After all, your neighbors may not be at home when an emergency arises, but a home security system is on duty 24/7, whether you’re home or not! And you may even get a discount on your homeowners insurance, as well!

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