In areas all around New York City, abuse of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as heroin, has been on the rise for years. On Staten Island alone, there were over 100 reported heroin and opioid related overdoses in 2016. When drug abuse in communities is on the rise, crime rises with it. Theft, break-ins and robberies are costly for any businesses, especially those like pharmacies and other drug related facilities.

Its important to make sure that your business is well-defended against potential loss from burglars, dishonest employees and customers. Video monitoring is a good way to visually deter offenders and to catch them if you are robbed. When you are on the premises, video can help you monitor employee productivity, observe your stockroom and inventory,  check your loading dock and let you see transactions at your cash registers.

When your business is closed, a video verification system is a great way to help you protect your business. Video verification will notify the police while a burglary is taking place. The faster they respond to your location, the better their chances are of catching the bad guys, which can reduce inventory losses and damage to your property.

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