Imagine waking up every morning to the smell of coffee brewing, and the blinds slowly opening to let the light of the new day in. Instead of an annoying alarm clock, your playlist is heard in the bedroom and continues into your bathroom as you get ready for the day. This may seem like a fantasy to some, but it is very possible today. With innovations in home automation, all of this and more can be a part of your daily life. Home automation has come a long way and with the integration of smartphone technology, the idea of a “Smart House” is a reality.  The thermostat is one of the most unassuming pieces of technology in the modern home. Temperature control can be important, not only for comfort, but because of the savings on your monthly heating and air conditioning bills. With a home automation thermostat, the temperature in your home will automatically adjust to a variety of temperature settings when you are home or while you’re away.  Even better, by using your smart phone, you can remotely control it so your home will be the perfect temperature by the time you get home. Many home automation systems will even tell you the weather outside in real-time.  With speaker systems and wireless connectivity, some home automation integrates your music playlists and music streaming app to bring you your favorite music from anywhere in your house.

Smart outlets are electrical outlets that are set up with a connection to smart home systems. This allows you to have automated access to appliances you plug in. Set your coffee machine up to a smart outlet and you can have that fresh coffee just as you wake up. You can set the times during the day where those outlets are operational. This is also a good way to save energy that would otherwise go to waste.

Motorized shades can be helpful for mornings, afternoons, and at night. You can basically operate your shades and blinds from your system or program them to operate at different times of the day. This is also helpful in simulating an active home when you go away on vacation. Lighting systems can be set up in the same way, providing you an extra measure of safety.

A big part of a home automation system is that it can integrate with your alarm and video surveillance system, to give you a complete automation and security package . Protect your home while you make your life easier. Call Video Surveillance Corp. today at (718) 258-1310. We provide full service security solutions for homes and businesses. When you think of security, think of Video Surveillance Corp. It’s security you can see!