About every 15 seconds, another home in America is broken into. Obviously, smarter burglars are less likely to strike at homes with security systems, and even less like;y where the homes have modern systems. What can you expect in alarm innovations this year? Improvements in research and development are bringing affordable advancements in home protection and other service to you every day.

It is reported that twenty-five percent of burglars cut telephone or cable wires before a burglary, making it impossible for an alarm system to send out a call for help.  The introduction of the cellular radio communicators for alarm systems can remedy this problem because it communicates witlessly with the monitoring company, regardless of cut lines or even a power failures.

Increasingly, smartphones, computers, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches are being used by clients to receive real time alarm and status reports from their systems, as well as, remotely control, regulate, and check up on home security systems. Home security at your fingertips.

Speaking of fingertips, bio metric scanners are beginning to surface in home security. Bio metric scanners, often used in government buildings and facilities, uses facial recognition, fingertip scans, retinal scans and more for access. Some smartphones have similar features now. Whether you use keys, cards, or passwords/PINs; a simple scan can give you added security.

Controlling your home with easy automation is becoming a key part of home security. Home Automation allows you to control lights, temperature, media systems, and electrical outlets; which can help you save on your energy bills. The convenience and savings that Home Automation brings is quickly making it a popular feature of alarm innovation.

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