A study performed by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, looked into what caused burglars to rob homes. The research team interviewed over 400 men and women who were incarcerated for burglary crimes. The study looked into a variety of parameters, such as burglary strategies, modes of entry, motivations for crime, the effectiveness of deterrents, and more.

Of the criminals interviewed, 83% said they would try to determine if a target had an alarm system. If the target house did have a system, 60% said that they would look for a different house. Most burglars made it into their target houses by unlocked doors or windows, or by forcing them open. Only about 12% of the burglars reported having had to pick a lock or use a key. Well over 50% of the subjects of the study said that their motivation for burglary was to obtain drugs, or money for them

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