CooksYou can’t make this stuff up.  An ABC news report showed a video of an intruder in Washington D.C. who broke into a restaurant and leisurely cooked himself a meal while talking on his cell phone.

The ABC report said the man tailed a worker making a delivery to the restaurant and after the worker left, cooked himself what appears in the video to be an ordinary cheeseburger.  There is no telling how much this guy might have stolen if he was inclined to, possibly cleaning out the entire restaurant, lock, stock and barrel, or how much damage he may have done to the business before he left.  Instead, the burger thief only made off with a bottle of water, a fountain drink and some food.  The cops are still looking for him!

The restaurant owner was very lucky…….this time!  Except for possibly being embarrassed by the whole event, he’s only out a few bucks for food.  If the owner had a video verification system, he might not be out even that amount.  Video verification combines video and alarm technologies and allows a monitoring company to literally see a “burglary in progress”, in real time.  The process gets high marks from police departments round the country and even higher priority police response because the cops know they have a real good chance of catching the bad guys in the act.

If you’re a business owner, you need to consider a video verified security system to help protect your business and assets. Call Video Surveillance Corp. today for a free on-site survey. (178-258-1310)  Video Surveillance, it’s security you can see.   Watch the ham-burglar