Wireless technology has made the introduction and use of smart door locks more and more popular and convenient everyday. Standard keyed locks can be picked, keys can be lost or broken and spare keys left “under the mat” might be easily found and used by the wrong people.  The use of smart locks means you no longer need to search in the dark for the right key to open a door, or worry that your child can’t get into your home after school because they forgot their key. Smart locks come in a wide variety of locking configurations and styles, include backup and fail-safe features and should keep your home, your family and your valuables safe, while keeping unwanted visitors out.

If you’re at home, you can control these locks as part of a home automation program on your alarm system.  When used in conjunction with a door/video intercom system, you see and communicate with visitors at your front door and grant access without having to reveal yourself.  When you are not home, you have the convenience of being able to use your cell phone to see and communicate with visitors, remotely disarm your alarm system and unlock the door to grant access.

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