As a full service safety and security integrator, Video Surveillance Corporation (VSC) now offers Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) to our clients. PERS devices are medical alert systems designed to summon help for people during medical and other emergencies.

The basic system consists of a base station connected to a home telephone line.  A small wireless pendant is worn by the user and activated when the button on the pendant is pressed. This sets up two way communications between the user and a monitoring company, via the telephone line.

A mobile cellular version is now available and works much like a cell phone.  It can be taken and used anywhere cellular service is available. This gives the user peace of mind to know that a fall, a medical emergency, or any unsafe situation, doesn’t have to keep them from leaving home and doing the things they enjoy.

PERS units are available without long term contracts or renewals to commit to. Start when you want and cancel without worry. Monthly monitoring charges do apply, so please call 718-258-1310 for complete details.