device_pressing_buttonAs a full service safety and security integrator, Video Surveillance Corporation (VSC) is introducing mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (MPERS) to our clients.

The latest version of PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) devices are mobile alert systems designed to provide assistance whether the user is home or on the go. Unlike traditional home alert systems that need a telephone line to connect to a base station in a home, this version works like a cell phone and can be taken anywhere cellular service is available. This gives the user peace of mind to know that a fall, a medical emergency, or any unsafe situation, doesn’t have to keep them from doing the things they enjoy.
This device is simple to use, just press the button on the unit to be connected to an operator, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The user and operator can then communicate with each other to determine what type of assistance is required.  Our mobile alert systems use a nationwide wireless network to contact emergency operators when assistance is required.
When the unit is in full view of *GPS (Global Positing System) satellites, a proprietary GPS tracking feature helps the monitoring company locate the user in the event that THEY ARE NOT able to pinpoint their own location. The MPERS also includes the ‘find your loved one’ feature, which enables designated family members to use a cellphone or computer app to find the location of the unit. *Unit must have a clear, unobstructed view of the sky for GPS features to work.
This device is a reliable, easy-to-use emergency response device with superior features and functions including:
One Touch Operation: Press the button 1 ½ seconds and your call is placed. Anti-cancel prevents cancelling the call if the button is pressed again.
Lightweight: 2.5 ounces – Comfortable to carry or wear.
Small in Size: 2 7/8 x 2 x 3/4 “- Compact yet powerful communication capabilities.
Rugged Construction: High impact polymer case
Loud Crystal Clear Audio Quality: Don’t need to hold to your ear or mouth to hear or speak.
• Patented Voice Prompts: Hear a pre-recorded voice when your emergency call is placed, when your location has been determined, and when your battery charge is low or very low. Additionally, the MPERS device includes an auto-check function which will let you know that the device is not functioning properly when it is turned on.
• *Direct GPS Location: Sends user position directly to the monitoring center without relying on other location services.
Lost Pendant Location Function: If your pendant is misplaced, simply call the monitoring center. They can find the location using the direct *GPS location. Or, they can call and ‘ping’ the unit causing it to let out an audible beep so it can be located.
72 Hour Use per Battery Charge: 2-3x longer battery life vs. other mobile medical alarms.
Wireless Network for Nationwide Coverage: Works everywhere there’s cellular coverage.
• Fully Supervised Battery: Announces battery charge when 40% low. Reports to monitoring center when 20% low.
Unique Phone Number: Call center can identify and reach user if the call is dropped. Protected phone number so only the monitoring center can call.
Find Me Function: Access to user location via *GPS by loved ones using either iOS or Android Smartphone to text request and display on Handset using Google Maps.
Complete Accessories: including indoor charger, car charging adaptor, neck lanyard and arm/wrist strap.
One Year Warranty.
*Unit must have a clear, unobstructed view of the sky for GPS features to work
When you purchase the MPERS unit for yourself or a loved one, there are no long term contracts or renewals to commit to.  Start when you want and cancel without worry. Monthly monitoring charges do apply, so please call 718-258-1310 for complete details.