A common misconception about burglary is that most thieves come out at night and break into your home while you’re asleep. While some do, it is more likely that you will be the victim of a break in during the early part of the day. Statistically speaking, most criminals break into homes during the day, between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM. It’s easier for them to remain undetected when entering a home if it doesn’t have an alarm system and when nobody is at home.

Many burglars will often survey a home first, and then determine the best time when no one will be there. Robbing a house while the family is home, even while asleep, happens less often most people think. Burglars may come at night to homes when they already know that it’s residents are out of town, but not usually while they are sleeping.

At night, there is always the possibility that a robber may be spotted by the neighbors, or by a member of the targeted family. But during the day when all is quiet on your block and most people are at work or in school, it can be a lot easier for a burglar to slip into your home  and out with your valuables. Most robbers are in and out of a house with your valuables in 10 minutes or less. Without a quality security system, it can be hard to catch burglars after they leave the scene. Once a burglar’s job is done, your job begins. Filing police reports, assessing lost valuables, making insurance claims and repairing damage.
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