We see home invasions on TV, in the movies, and even in video games, but do you and your family really know what to do in the event of an emergency? The first step to take in order to prepare your family and your home for a home invasion is to install a fast, secure, and effective alarm system. This is your strongest line of defense in protecting your home. It will alert authorities that your home has been invaded and help will be sent. In many cases it prevents invasions because burglars will avoid homes with security systems. Preparing a safe room is also an important step. This will keep your family together and safe in the event of an emergency.

What is a safe room? A safe room is a space that is easy to get to from different points in the house. This room should have locks or deadbolts on the inside so that you and your family can lock yourselves inside during an emergency. The most important thing about a safe room is that it is for protecting your family until the police arrive.

What should a safe room contain? Your room needs to be equipped with a phone and other means of communication to the outside. Contacting authorities should be the first thing you do once your family is together in the safe room. It might be a good idea to keep some food, water, and a first aid kit inside the safe room, in case you are locked in for a long period of time. A safe room is also a good place to keep any important documents, usually in a water and fire resistant box or safe.

If you have registered weapon, you may consider keeping it in the room, preferably locked in a safe so that only you or your family members have access to it. However, keep in mind that a security system alerts police and they will be on their way to your home; using a weapon should be a last resort in self defense.
A strong security system from Video Surveillance Corp. is a great way to protect your home from potential threats, but why not go the extra step to help ensure your family’s safety? Keep your home and family safe, and prepared for emergencies. Call us today at (718) 258-1310. When you think of security, think of Video Surveillance Corp. It’s security you can see!