Enhance the safety and security of your home and family with the latest in security technology from Video Surveillance Corporation.
High definition video cameras produce superior images and provide for remote viewing and recording of activity in, and around your home 24/7, all from the convenience of any computer or your smart phone.
Video Surveillance Corporation is also a licensed and insured alarm installation company. When we combine video with alarm technologies, the result is video verification. This process can determine if an alarm activation is real, or a potential false alarm, and will summon the police to your location faster, and has improved the apprehension rate.
Our alarm systems monitor for burglary, smoke, carbon monoxide, water, panic, temperature and more. Cellular radio provides monitoring, which does not rely on telephone or cable connections, and battery backup protects from power failures. Added features such as home automation and energy management offer you convenience, and save you money on energy bills.
Consider the benefits of a versatile security system from Video Surveillance Corporation, or consider upgrading an existing video or alarm system with the latest technology. Contact us, or call us (718) 258-1310 today for a free on-site survey and estimate.