spring securityBurglars are more active during the Spring. Open windows and garden work distract us from what is truly important: keeping our family safe. Getting your home ready for the summer shouldn’t just include your regular Spring Clean-up. You should also be preparing your home for safety and security. There are a few easy tasks you can do around the house that can help to keep you and your family safer.

When you leave your home, even if it’s to go in the backyard, be sure to close and lock all doors and windows. Most burglaries do not involve forced entry, so securing entry points can help stave off invasion. Tighten up the locks on your doors to better secure them. A deadbolt is recommended to enhance security. Clean your locks and deadbolt with oil and canned air to prevent them from sticking. In order to make your windows more secure, use a window stopper to prevent them from being opened too wide, or an alarm sensor to make sure no one comes through unnoticed. Check the bulbs on motion sensor lights to ensure that they are working well and pay attention to any error messages or entry failures on your alarm system display.

Keeping the outside of your home neat and clear of sight obstructed barriers can make your home less of a target for burglars. Well trimmed landscaping and unobscured entry points can make a thief less inclined to break into your home. Keeping the lawn mowed and the bushes trimmed can make your home less noticed by would-be burglars.  An unkempt lawn makes the house look uninhabited. Burglars would rather target homes where residents are not home.

Your home needs to be safe for your family. These precautions, along with a quality residential alarm and video surveillance system, can help prevent home invasions. When you need security, call 718-258-1310, Video Surveillance Corporation (VSC) for a free, no obligation survey of your home or office today.  It’s security you can see!