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Spring is a time to spruce up your home, get things in order and spend time enjoying the outdoors. While you’re in the clean-up mode, don’t forget to do a few simple things that will help keep your home safe and secure.

When mowing the lawn and doing landscaping around the house, check the perimeter of your home for visibility.  Trim overgrown hedges and bushes so they don’t block your view and won’t provide a hiding place for prowlers outside.  Adjust blinds and shades so strangers can’t easily peer in from the outside.

Wasting money heating and cooling your home is a bummer.  Check the seals on your windows and doors for air leaks and make sure your door and window locks secure properly. Have them repaired or upgraded if necessary.  If you use window “stoppers” test them to determine if they’re in good shape.

If you’ve purchased an existing home, you can never be sure that you have all the keys for the house.  Consider replacing the locks on all exterior doors, add a couple of dead bolt locks…and don’t forget the door from the garage, is you have one.

Ladders and tools left outside not only look unsightly, but they can be used to gain access into your home.  Don’t make it easy for intruders to get in, put everything away whenever you’re not using it.

Exterior lighting always adds a nice touch to any home and it also adds an element of safety too.  Check the operation of all exterior lighting, timers and motion sensors to ensure that they operate properly and replace any defective bulbs or sensors.

If you haven’t already done so, change the batteries in all battery operated smoke & carbon monoxide detectors and replace any defective detectors…now!  If your detectors are part of an alarm system, your alarm dealer can test them for you during his annual system inspection.

Get your clean up done early and have a safe and enjoyable summer.

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