security executive chief in front of video monitoring surveillance security system

Video Verification – Getting the real-time incident reported to the police by a professional can make the difference.

Video Verification is one of the new leading technologies in the commercial security field. This new option lends itself to tighter security and can lead to an increase in identification and apprehension of criminals. It will help police departments respond faster due to positive identification of actual crimes instead of responding to false alarms.

Let’s take a look at why video verification has the attention of law enforcement, insurance companies and businesses of all kinds. Currently video surveillance is the most popular way for commercial companies to monitor their business. Today companies can view security cameras on their smartphones or tablets as well as desktop PCs and monitoring rooms. The problem is that most alarms are false and police don’t respond to standard alarm calls with vigor like they do for priority emergencies.  Video verification goes beyond in-house surveillance by enhancing the service and sending the signal to a central station. When an alarm is triggered a professional central station operator verifies the break-in and notifies the local police. This break-in verification by a Central Station operator calls into 911 which raises the priority for law enforcement from a priority 3 to a priority 1, which can result in a significant improvement in response times. The difference in priority can be a reduction in over 10 minutes in some cities. That could be the difference between escape for the would be criminal and apprehension. Police have a reason to respond if they know someone is inside the premises at the time of notification.

In addition to faster response times video verification should result in a less property loss and a higher conviction rate. This gives business more value and payoff in their security system. Video verification costs less than you may think. Better technological advances have driven the price of this once expensive security method well within reach of the average business.

Insurance companies are seeing the reduction in losses due to video verification. Police departments are seeing that this methodology can result in more arrests and encouraging their police officers to respond to these crimes in progress. There are some cities in the U.S. that have boasted response time of less than two minutes to some video verification calls. This technology is revolutionary for commercial applications. If you have a company that could benefit from video verification, give us a call. (718) 258-1310