Baby sleeping in crib

Recently, a family in Minn. installed their own Nanny-Cam system so they could keep a watchful eye on their baby son as he slept. They reported to police that they started hearing music coming from their child’s room.  Every time they went into the room, the music stopped. Another report came from a nanny who was terrified when someone suddenly began speaking to her through the nursery camera, criticizing her diaper changing skills. Still another report came from a women who noticed that every time she moved around the room, the camera followed her.

Because of a lack of knowledge of wireless camera technology, many people are falling prey to hackers. Hackers can actually take control of a wireless camera system and remotely manipulate the cameras, take images, videos and even live feeds from systems installed in bedrooms, living rooms and even baby rooms. Many have posted those images online to be shared and viewed by others with the same interests. The worst of it is, people who have been hacked, don’t have a clue that their privacy is being violated.

The very technology that makes these wireless systems so useful, and so popular, is also their greatest vulnerability. After all, if you can view your camera remotely, can someone else? The answer is yes, and hundreds of wireless webcams, baby-cams and home security cameras from around the world are hacked every day.

Wireless camera systems come from their respective manufacturer with a default password and user name that is already known by hackers. Failure by the person installing the system to change the default password and username to something that is only known to them, is what gives hackers a “Free Pass” to get into a system. The first thing you should do is change the default username and password as soon as you install the system. Make it really secure by using a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers.

Frequently check the manufacturer’s website and look for updates to the system’s software that you can download. Doing this keeps the software current and hopefully reduces known vulnerabilities. Register your system with the manufacturer so they can contact you to let you know of any new vulnerabilities, bugs and fixes. Another suggestion is to make sure your router and home Wi-Fi is properly encrypted and updated frequently.

If all this sounds too daunting a job to overcome, your in luck.  Your best bet is to hire a company like us who has the experience and knowledge to install a wireless system properly. Wireless systems have their place in our homes, as long as their kept in their place!

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