winter home security

In a few days winter will be officially. As the weather gets colder, many of you will begin a long winter vacation in warmer climates, possibly leaving your home vulnerable to burglars and other disasters. Here are just a few tips we hope will be helpful to you in keeping your home and your family safe this upcoming winter season.

  • First of all, resist the temptation to broadcast you vacation plans in public or on social media. You never know who your friends might be!
  • If you have one, put your valuables and important papers in a home safe or safe deposit box.
  • Try to make your home appear to be occupied at all times.  Bad guys don’t like confrontation, they want to get  in and out as fast as possible.  Depending on your time frame, you might consider a “house sitter” to live in your home while you’re away. It could be a trusted friend or relative.
  • You could also ask a neighbor or relative to park their car in your driveway occasionally and pick up your newspapers, flyers and the other items that are periodically left at your home.
  • If you plan an extended stay, have the Post Office “hold” your mail for 30 days, or for really long stays, have them send it to your vacation address.  And don’t forget your newspaper subscription.
  • Always keep the areas in front of your home shoveled. An unshoveled pathway is a sure sign that no one is home. Before you leave on you’re vacation, hire someone to shovel the snow in front of your home.
  • With shorter days and longer nights in winter, the hours you need to keep your indoor and outdoor lights on gets longer too. While you’re away, it’s a good idea to have a few lights controlled by timers that are set for different schedules.  This random pattern will give you that “at home” look.  And don’t forget to program your outside lights too.
  • Avoid having your home look like it’s in shut down mode by having all of you blinds and drapes closed shut.
  • If your security system has home automation or energy management capablities, program your lighting schedule and thermostat schedules into your security system before you leave home. For extended vacations,  you can always readjust or update your schedules remotely, by computer or by smart phone.
  • This may sound obvious, but check to make sure that your windows and doors are closed and locked.  Then check them again, including your garage doors.  Being careless could be costly to you.
  • And if you don’t already have an alarm system or video recording system, you should consider getting one.  Having the right security system can be an effective tool that can guard your home during your absence.  In addition, it’s energy management capabilities can save you money as well. And since most insurance companies offer an alarm discount on home owners insurance premiums, in time, your discount and energy savings can cover the cost of getting the alarm system.

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